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Thread: API updating ?

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    API updating ?

    All of the sudden fetchTrends is stop working . Any idea ?

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    Nothing changed on our end. The trends endpoint doesn't require downtime when updating.

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    Brian, it was down last night. It's back up now

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    We have alerts on EVERYTHING. Plus we rely on trends heavily over on theNetPool. We didn't have any issues on our end last night.

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    I don't know Seriously, that's what it happened last night when I was working on the site. I check the site this morning, and it's there. I didn't do any fixing on my side. Just to let you know, that's all .

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    No worries. I monitor every process on our systems 24/7. What I have seen happen from time to time is people having routing issues, or other connectivity related problems. Burst servers are notorious for that for example. It seem that from time to time they completely drop their routing tables that connect to softlayer. I can think of at least 3 examples of that in the past few months alone. At this point, for something to be down on our end, we would literally have to have 16 servers simultaneously crash (out of our 27 that run the system). I've spent the past month removing the last remaining points of failure.

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