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    Quote Originally Posted by browntwn View Post
    One thing that maybe you can solve on the interface is allowing us to show more data on one page. Sometimes I am trying to look at something and the data is spread across 3,4,5...15 pages. So I would like to export that so I can sort and scroll through it all. I think you guys show 50 rows per page - can that be made adjustable?
    Definitely! That's something we can easily adjust, or make user selectable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prosperent Brian View Post
    Which areas are you wanting to total (so we can do it automatically)
    earnings breakdown tab please. is there a way to get traffic data from the api as well please? need total clicks sent today/yesterday etc

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    I think we can do all of that. Totals are easy, we already plan on graphs with money totals, and the comparisons anyway.

    For traffic data, we have the click totals on a per channel basis for now, so total clicks for performance ads on a daily/hourly basis, same for api, so getting those into the interface is easy.

    What i would like to do down the road is get our entire click table into our search engine so you can get click totals on an sid level, or region, referrer, etc. basically the same level of detail you get from commissions. We collect that same data on clicks, it's just such a large volume that it will take time for us to build a server cluster to datamine it properly.

    Bottom line, we're here to make your lives easier, so please keep the suggestions coming.

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    loving all of that brian, getting this extra data useable will pay off big time for me

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    Just to update, we're back working on updating the new reporting with some of the feedback we have received . Thanks publishers, and definitely let us know how we can make your lives easier.

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