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    Inconsistency in names of merchants across api endpoints

    Trends API is returning merchants:
        "count": 24,
        "value": "",
        "extendedFieldValue": "endless com"
        "count": 20,
        "value": "",
        "extendedFieldValue": "qvc com"
    But Products Search API does not find any product for qvc com or endless com. So can you update trends API or dont change these names in Product Search API, its not good for SEO, when we are still changing the URL.

    NETPOOL: 0 products 114.920 products 0 products

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    We're in the process of normalizing the rest of the brands and merchants. Different networks have different names in their feeds, so we are merging all of the forms and updating all of our data

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    how is this coming along? i've noticed trends api is using the old names and products api is using the new names and merchantIds.

    will this api be updated soon, preferably with filterMerchantId ?

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    Since trends is based on commission data, we don't have merchantId's for past commissions, but everything going forward does. We are working to see how much of the old data can be converted over. I will make that a higher priority and get a filter in place.

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