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    Direct Link to Merhcant

    Is there any way to do a link that would go to a specific merchant.

    ie on my LPs i might show a few popular merchant banners down the side. (static)

    Can i add a link through prosperent to a specific merchant? Maybe even target a page?

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    The information in this thread is outdated. You can use prosperlinks or our deep linking Api to link to any page on a merchants site. Read more in the Api documentation, install prosperlinks or our Wordpress plugin, and see examples here

    It's not a limitation of ours, but actually a limitation of the networks. Commission Junction for example doesn't have a list of links to home pages. We've asked several times, and no network has anything in place to handle such a thing. The best you can do is link to a coupon offer if there is one and hope it goes to a home page.

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    OK! Thank you for the input.

    When you are in cj and pick a text link it does give an option to change the Destination URL.

    Might be worth looking at generating link off these for P base on different merchant pages.


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    Only specific merchants support that. We've discussed it with their engineers on several occasions. On top of that, you have the issue of trying to get the same data from GAN, Linkshare, Link Connector, PepperJam, and Share A Sale. If we can get all of them on the same page, we would love to offer it. We've been trying for a couple years. We could use such a link on our end as well.

    We will keep trying.

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    If that's the case, that there is no direct link to a merchant's home page, what exactly goes on when we enable Link Affiliator in ProsperLinks in the Wordpress plugin and a person clicks on, for example.

    Does any commission get earned if someone buys using that link with Link Affiliator turned on?


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    This is a post from 2012, so a lot has changed. You can use prosperlinks to link to any merchant page. If the merchant allows deep linking (most do, and all are listed on our merchant page), just throw the link on your site, and our javascript or wordpress plugin will handle the rest. Someone clicks, you earn a commission if a sale goes through.

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    I was looking through the api documentation. Would I use: and one of the request parameters like filtermerchantid to get the affiliate merchant url (from the affiliate_url response field)?
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    You don't need an affiliate url. Just install prosperlinks javascript on your web site or page and place a regular link to a merchant. We turn it into an affiliate link when it is clicked automatically, and with no work on your part.

    If you use wordpress, just install our plugin and enable link affiliation via prosperlinks. All existing and new links to our merchants that appear on your blog are automatically affiliated.

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    Yes, I already did that actually in my Wordpress. Seems to work fine, thanks. But, I was just wondering how to do it from a PHP api perspective. I can't seem to figure it out from the documentation. Are you only supporting direct links to the merchant using this Javascript? I can figure out links to products and coupons using the PHP API, but, not only to the merchant.

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    You would use th links Api. There are several examples in the forum and documentation for this. Check the links Api forum ��

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