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    Thanks, I see. I don't quite understand the request AND the redirect url thing, but, I'll try and study it more.

    I noticed, however, in the documentation example, Amazon is used:

    Redirect URL Example:
    Is Amazon a merchant we can earn commissions on? I don't see in on the list of all merchants:

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    We are able to redirect Amazon products to Prosperent merchants in some cases. The redirect parameter automatically redirects the user when the url is clicked. The non redirect just gives you a Prosperent affiliate up that you can then use in your application.

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    I noticed that when using LinkAffiliator and I click on Walmart, for example, it chooses between Canada and USA (I'm in Canada). Although, I'm in Canada, the site I created is pretty much visited by US visitors so my links are to the US stores, i.e

    What happens on the off-chance that a Canadian visitor clicks on Walmart and then they choose, are any commissions generated if they make a purchase?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prosperent brian View Post

    Thanks for the above link. I didn't see it when I replied. Very helpful. (This has nothing to do with my other post regarding vs

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