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    What can we learn from Analytics?

    Prosperent analytics helps you discover trends that can help you make decisions about your web site. Today I want to take a moment to share some data on browsers. For this, i'm going to look at all of the commissions across all of our channels for the past 30 days.

    First, we're going to look at commissions from various web browsers. Currently:

    26.74% Internet Explorer
    21.90% Safari
    18.83% Chrome
    17.81% Firefox
    00.68% Android Webkit
    00.21% Opera
    00.05% Mozilla

    Right from the start we see that the majority of sales come from Internet Explorer and Safari. Have you tested your web pages to make sure they render properly in these two browsers? If you haven't you are losing money!

    What about things on the mobile front? In the last 30 days:

    iOS: 2.36%
    Android: 0.68%

    It may not look like a high percentage, but it accounts for several thousand dollars. Does your web site render properly in mobile browsers?

    Of those mobile devices, the majority appear to be shopping with an iPad. Not surprising given the larger screen size. Having a user experience that works well with a touch screen device is increasingly important. Check your own sites out on mobile devices. Is it easy to navigate the site? Are buttons large enough that they can be easily pressed with a touch screen? Look for ways to optimize for these users.

    At the end of the day, paying attention to these simple metrics can really help. You may have visitors already on your site, ready to make a purchase, but your site isn't loading properly for their browser or mobile device. Don't leave money on the table.

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    Is there any way to improve analytics to display some much needed information for your affiliates?

    Following would be very useful:
    1) Break down of ALL clicks by SID, By Merchant, By Brand. (current you display total clicks)
    I am not talking about clicks that converted. I am talking all clicks, converted or not. Right now, it a gap between exactly how many clicks made it to your site and what is the breakdown. We only know total clicks and break down of clicks if they converted in sales.
    2) Break down of clicks by Browser, By OS. Again all clicks.

    This would be a great start.
    Thank You

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    I covered this in another post a while back. The basic issue with that is one of storage and processing. We handle millions of clicks per day, so segmenting them in such a way is expensive (from a cpu and resource standpoint). We have all of the data, and will do it at some point, but we need you guys to go out and help us recruit more affiliates so we can afford to build a cluster of machines that can provide the data.

    Remember, we have a 5% referral program

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    IMHO, the driving dilemma for web designers is to decide when to start adding CSS3 and HTML 5.0 features. Microsoft abandoned a large number of old computers with ie 7 and ie 8 browsers. These browsers have have limited support of HTML5 and CSS3.

    The site HTML5 Test indicates that ie7 & ie8 have implemented less than 10% of the HTML 5 specifications:

    The other browsers have been coaxing their users to update. The driving question for web development is "How many users are stuck using ie9 and earlier?"

    I believe that this report on browsers would be more valuable if it broke out the browser version for internet explorer.

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