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    Stop junk clicks on your api sites

    This is something I encourage everyone that builds an api site to do. Not only does it make your stats more accurate, it also cuts down on bandwidth for both you and Prosperent. We often hear complaints from merchants that receive high volumes of low converting traffic as well, so this helps ensure that Prosperent always has good standing relationships with all of our merchants. Even those that are using mfpmu should install this.

    So, how do you stop junk bots from gobbling up all of your server resources? Install ZBBLOCK. It's free, easy to install and should work on just about any setup:

    Here are some basic rules that should block a large portion of the junk bots and traffic from your server:

    PHP Code:
    $ax $ax - (inmatch($fromhost,"/url?sa=","Google Serp Allow"));
    $ax $ax - (inmatch($fromhost,"/search?q=","Google Serp Allow"));

    $ax $ax + (inmatch($hoster,""," Host"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($fromhost,"domaintools","DomainTools Referer"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($fromhost,"","Whois.SC Referer"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"surveybot","SurveyBot User Agent"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"reverseget","ReverseGet User Agent"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"yandexbot","YandexBot User Agent"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"baiduspider","baiduspider User Agent"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"netcraft","Net Craft"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($lcuseragent,"archive.org_bot","Archive.O rg BOT"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($fromhost,"",""));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($hoster,""," Bot"));
    $ax $ax + (inmatch($fromhost,"zimbio"," Referer spam")); 

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    This is what I really really need! How do i use this code ??

    Thanks Brian

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    If you follow the link, it gives directions for installing zbblock on a variety of servers and pieces of software. From there, you just copy and paste the rules above into the zbblock rules

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    Hi Brian,

    I run all of my sites through Cloudflare and I believe they filter out a lot of bad traffic! Am I wrong?

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    Cloudflare depending on your settings does filter out a significant amount of bad traffic. I would use that over this solution at this point.

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    That is what I thought Brian, thanks!

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